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Starcouples for the competitions on Saturday 9/10/2019

Starcouples for the competitions on Sunday 10/10/2019


49 to 60 couples

Set 6 couples the night before if at least 55 couples are entered.

61 to 96 couples

Set 12 couples the night before if at least 68 couples are entered, otherwise set only 6 couples.

Exemptions for couples

Only couples on the places 1 to 50 can get an exemption for the first round of the WDSF World Ranking Tournaments. If there are less couples than the mentioned number, the number of marks and directly quailed couples of the irst round has to be moved. Couples placed on place 1 to 50 of the WDSF World Ranking List have to make the entry latest 7 days before the competition. If there is a later entry it is up to the organiser whether these couples can participate in the competition but these couples have to dance from the first round if the number of exemptions is already worked out and published.
The chairperson is obliged to make a decision about star couples the night before the competition, appr. 08:00 evening local time. In case more couples show up than expected additional exemptions have to be given according to the above Management Rules after the closure of registration at the competition day.
It is not allowed to take away exemptions published the night before even if the minimum of couples for the amount of exemptions given is too low at the competition day.
Organizers are not allowed to publish any exemptions without confirmation of the chairperson.
In case a couple withdraws the participation after the publication has been done the Chairperson can decide to substitute with next ranked couple provided that the competition has not been started.
In case less (or even no) couples ranked up to place 50 are present the difference from possible exemptions to present exemptions has to be added to the requested marks in the first round.
It is mandatory to use the world ranking list published at WDSF home page as of the first of the month the competition is run. (Example: competition on June 3rd, ranking list from June 1st has to be used.) In case the ranking list is not available for the actual month at the night before the competition, the list as of the first of the previous month has to be used.

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